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Pebble Table

furniture interiors

Fall atop Hell's Kitchen

furniture gardens rooftops

Modern sofa designed for inside and out

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Fabric Design for Garden Cushions

I designed this extra large bold outdoor fabric design and called it flora and fauna.

furniture interiors

painted floor at the roof bar at Sixty Soho

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Custom Furniture for a Small Terrace

furniture rooftops

Rooftop Garden Living in West Village

furniture gardens rooftops

Rooftop Garden Oasis

I designed this Ipe sofa to comfortably fit on this narrow terrace and still provide ample comfortable seating. And my narrow tile coffee table leaves enough room to walk around.

furniture gardens rooftops

Tile table and Arper Lounge

furniture green roofs rooftops

Loft Living Outside

Every inch of this garden was designed with function as well as beauty in mind. The banquette hides the irrigation, the bed stores the cushions in winter.

furniture gardens rooftops

Log and Succulent table- at Northwest Flower Show

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An organic urban one day make over!

I designed this log furniture to give the an organic feel to the modern urban back yard makeover in the heart of Harlem. Cement covering of on the picnic table top does the same.

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Arper Chair in Bright Green

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Setting up at Lincoln Center

Cushion can make a real statement in a public space such as the one at Lincoln Center for this event for The American Ireland Fund

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Planted Cement Sofa

furniture rooftops

Table with Built in Planter

Why not design a table the REQUIRES a plant or centerpiece AlWAYS!

furniture interiors

The leaf chair!

furniture rooftops

Log Bench and Table

The cement table tops are held up by fenced in logs.I designed for a one day make over for Surprise By Design on the Discovery Channel.

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Urban Oasis in Hell's Kitchen

The cement pavers and cement sofa make and ideal oasis high above the bustle of Hell's Kitchen on a roof in New York City.

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Citron Green WOW

I designed these tiles for Imagine Tile. I love this color of green in the garden.

furniture interiors

Fall in Hell's Kitchen

furniture gardens rooftops

NYC Rooftop Garden Oasis

furniture gardens rooftops

Corten and Ipe Bench

furniture gardens rooftops

My own shady outdoor living room

backyards furniture

Cement Sofa Designed by Rebecca Cole

furniture gardens rooftops

Planted Cement Sofa and Green Grid Rug

Planted Cement Sofa and Green Grid Rug utilizes every inch of rooftop space for planting and living.

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