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With two decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, we deliver great design combined with meticulous and timely installations.

Sky’s the Limit when it comes to the creativity of our urban landscape designs. And fast….we are instant gratification specialists!


The challenge of any urban garden is in keeping it URBAN.  It shouldn’t look like a garden in the Hamptons.

Why can’t a green roof be livable?  Why should we give up precious living space for plants…let’s SHARE!



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Grass on the Roof

gardens rooftops

Shade on a Roof in Soho

A Pergola plays double duty on this terrace garden providing shade and privacy. Wisteria and hotel furniture


The leaf chair!

furniture rooftops

Who says a garden needs flowers!

Citron greens, rich browns, rusty metals, cement greys...makes a beautiful garden...sans flowers. Miscanthus grass, birch tress, bamboo...rudbeckia is the only thing that blooms.


Repetitive Elegance


Doggy Heaven


Vintage Charm on a Modern Roof


Crape Myrtles on a roof


Ivy grows in Soho at the James Hotel

gardens hotel rooftops

Jimmie's Pool

hotel rooftops

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

gardens green roofs hotel rooftops

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

gardens green roofs hotel restaraunts rooftops

High dining in Williamsburg

events furniture restaraunts rooftops

Loft Living Outside

Every inch of this garden was designed with function as well as beauty in mind. The banquette hides the irrigation, the bed stores the cushions in winter.

furniture gardens rooftops

Custom furniture makes a tiny terrace livable

furniture rooftops

Zinc containers

In order to make a garden fit on a small office terrace sometimes we have to go custom. We created a green wall in zinc planters with a line of birch and junipers. Low maintenance and beautiful.

gardens rooftops

Green Grid, Birch Grove Rooftop

Birch trees underplanted with artimesia planted in grey zinc and resin planters bring out the silver of the East River below and the Manhattan skyscrapers beyond in this Williamsburg rooftop garden

gardens rooftops

Large Rooftop Garden with a View from the Bridge

gardens green roofs rooftops

Before and After in Williamsburg

When you live with this spectacular view of the Manhattan...why sleep or eat inside. I designed this rooftop with a bed, jacuzzi, dining table and grill! What more do you need?



A Tribeca garden with the a view of the World Trade Centers. After 911 the building was not livable for nearly a year but the the garden survived.

gardens rooftops

Chelsea Rooftop Garden

gardens rooftops

Hell's Kitchen Terrace

gardens rooftops

Bright Green in the Garden

furniture rooftops

Soho Penthouse Garden

gardens rooftops

Urban Oasis in Hell's Kitchen

The cement pavers and cement sofa make and ideal oasis high above the bustle of Hell's Kitchen on a roof in New York City.

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Overlooking Central Park

The rain only enhances the views Central Park from Theis penthouse terrace. As does the wisteria, scabiosa, sweet potato vine and arched cedar trellis I designed to frame the view. I think the sheep is longing for it's meadow though.

gardens rooftops

Water Tower on the Rooftop Garden

gardens rooftops

Arper Chair in Bright Green

furniture gardens ledistrict rooftops

Potato Vine with a View

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