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Black and white wedding

Black and white weddings really makes a bouquet stand out ...maybe that's why I love them so much.

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Pretty in Pink Beakers

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Silver, Pink and Purple Arrangement

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Bright Bold Bouquet

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Country Wedding


In Style

A monochromatic bouquet photo spread in In Style...

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Boutonnieres awaits the groomsmen


James Hotel NYC dinnerparty

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Lavender Hydrangea and French Tulips

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A happy Bride and Groom


Silver Bouquet

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Blue and White Bouquet

Dad on one arm and a bouquet of roses, hydrangea, tulips, peonies, delphiniums on the other would make any bride smile.

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Brooklyn Winery Wedding

bouquets weddings

Callas and Lilacs

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Blue Bouquets

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InStyle Wedding Bouquets

I made these monochromatic bouquets for the wedding issue for InStyle magazine.

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Wine Barrel Wow Factor at the Brooklyn Winerry

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Long Tables for a Casual Wedding


Cherry Blossoms Center Stage

Centerpieces of Cherry Branches can be so dramatic for any Spring Event.

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Tall Branches with Hanging Votives


Peonies on a Bar at the Metropolitan Museum

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Summer parties are all about color!

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Sunflowers and an outdoor wedding


Vermont Wedding Tent

Mason Jars and Paper Ball lights hanging from Grapevines on cable keeps these wedding guests beautifully lit in a cavernous tent.

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Orange Restaurant Table

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Votives at the Met

We lit 800 candles in 30 minutes for this event at the Metropolitan Museum

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